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Microsoft to release service pack

A bug discovered last April that affects Windows-based computers continues to be a problem for some users. Microsoft will release a service pack CD-ROM later this month that includes a security fix for the bug.

A bug that gives millions of Net users worldwide access to the contents of your hard drive could be lurking within your PC.

The bug, which affects Windows 95 and Windows for Workgroups, was first discovered in April 1995. Microsoft officials contacted industry analysts and its corporate customers advising them of the bug's existence at that time, but many users are still not aware of the security risk.

Patches that correct the problem are available at the Microsoft Web site, but the company has not corrected the flaws on versions of Windows 95 on CD-ROM or those that have been preloaded on new computers.

Microsoft says it will release later this month Service Pack for Windows 95, a CD-ROM that will contain updated drivers and security fixes. The pack will be free to corporate customers, but company officials said home users will be charged a small fee.