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Microsoft to offer single download for Windows Live suite

This summer, the software giant will begin beta testing an installer that will provide access to multiple Live online services.

Microsoft will offer a Windows Live "installer" that will download and install software to access multiple online services, said Kevin Johnson, the president of Microsoft's Platform and Services Division.

During his presentation at on Thursday, Johnson mentioned the Windows Live installer, saying that the company would begin beta testing it this summer.

He described it as a single download that will let consumers connect to multiple Live-branded hosted services, such as e-mail and messaging. People will be able to access these services from different devices, including PCs and phones, he said.

"This unified installation experience is one example of the more integrated experience we'll deliver with the next generation of Windows Live services," Johnson said.

Microsoft last month started beta testing two products that are part of what will be Windows Live suite: Windows Live Photo Gallery, which lets people organize and share photos on a PC and online, and online storage service Windows Live Folders.

In response to a question, Johnson argued that integration of Microsoft's Live services is a key selling point for the company.