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Microsoft to Mac users: Use Firefox, not Safari

Microsoft is finally recognizing that there is life outside its own technologies, referring Mac and Windows users to Firefox, and not merely its IE browser.

Microsoft used to tell Mac visitors to its web pages to use Internet Explorer. When the company stopped developing IE for the Mac, it instead suggested that "Macintosh users migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari."

But now? As discovered by iTnews, Microsoft is now asking Mac and Windows users to use the open-source Mozilla Firefox browser, albeit a slightly outdated version (2.0).

Perhaps Microsoft doesn't want anyone using the uber-cool (and getting cooler all the time) AwesomeBar?

At least Microsoft is finally recognizing that there are technologies beyond those that it develops. It seems like a small thing to suggest that its site visitors could try something other than IE, but for me this marks a significant step forward for the software giant.