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The first item in Microsoft's new To-Do app? Retire Wunderlist

To-Do is integrated into Office 365 and powered by intelligent algorithm.

To-Do is Microsoft's new task management app from the people behind Wunderlist.


In case you were wundering what would happen to Wunderlist since it was bought by Microsoft, wunder no more: It's being replaced by a new app called To-Do.

Microsoft acquired the popular mobile task management app Wunderlist in 2015, at which point it had more than 13 million users. But today in a blog post Microsoft announced that it's retiring Wunderlist in favour of To-Do, which is integrated into Office 365 and "powered by an intelligent algorithm".

Wunderlist will be shut down when more of its features have been added to To-Do, including list sharing and apps for both Mac and iPad. In the meantime, you can import your tasks and lists into To-Do.