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Microsoft to allow on-campus pub after all

Software giant strikes compromise that will allow pub to serve alcohol after 3 p.m. for scheduled and catered events only.

It won't be last call for Microsoft's pub after all.

Less than a week after pulling the plug on plans to have a bar as part of an expansion of its Redmond campus, the software giant surprised the bar owner by reversing that decision, according to a report on TechFlash. Microsoft on Friday cited the sensitive business environment as canceling plans for the pub, which was planned as part of a collection of restaurants and stores that were due to open this week at the company's new Entertainment and Devices unit headquarters.

A compromise decision allows beer and wine to be served at the Spitfire pub after 3 p.m., but only for scheduled and catered events, according to the report. The pub, which is now expected to open by the end of the month, will also be open for lunch, but alcohol will not be served.

"The Commons" will feature a collection of popular Pacific Northwest eateries as well as various cell phone shops, a salon, and other outlets. The Commons is surrounded by four buildings for the entertainment unit, one of which is already occupied and another that is due to be filled in the next week or so. By mid-July, Microsoft expects all four buildings to be occupied.