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Microsoft to acquire OfficeWriter

Java reporting tool generates Microsoft Office documents from within a Web browser from any data source.

Since posting this, we learned that SoftArtisans no longer offers the OfficeWriter for Java product. Office Writer is an ASP/ASP.NET reporting tool currently only available for Windows.

Microsoft plans to acquire OfficeWriter, a business intelligence tool produced by SoftArtisans, the company said Wednesday.

Jeff Raikes, president of the Microsoft Business Division, is scheduled to make the announcement at the first Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference opening Wednesday in Seattle.

OfficeWriter is a ASP/ASP.NET reporting tool that enables people to generate Microsoft Office documents from any data source through a Web browser. It can manage reports from within Microsoft Office applications when working with SQL Server Reporting Services.

Microsoft said in a statement that the acquisition will strengthen what it can offer customers in terms of business intelligence.