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Microsoft Surface UK price confirmed, starts at £399

Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet has a UK price at last -- it'll start at £399.

Microsoft's own-brand Surface tablet has finally been given a UK price tag. The Windows 8-powered RT tablet will start at £399, the same price as the cheapest iPad.

That's the cost for just the tablet. If you want the attachable keyboard cover you'll be splashing out £100 extra, and £110 for the keyboard that has moving keys and is likely to be a little more comfortable.

The UK price is -- for once -- actually a bit better than the Stateside price tag, at least compared to Apple's rival tablet. Microsoft's Surface only comes in 32 and 64GB options -- the 32GB costs $499 in the US, $100 cheaper than the 32GB Wi-Fi only iPad, but not as cheap as the 16GB Apple slate.

The Surface, however, starts at £399, the same price tag glued to the British 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad. For that same price however you get twice the storage capacity. Expect to pay more for the 64GB Surface RT.

It's great to know that the Surface will be coming to the UK -- believe it or not, until a few hours ago that was still a mystery -- but we still don't have a British release date.

In the US, the Surface will go on sale on 26 October, alongside Windows 8. I wouldn't be surprised if Brits are left waiting a little longer, however.

The price of the Surface Pro remains shrouded in the fog of uncertainty too, though you can bet your buttons it'll be considerably more expensive than the more basic RT option.

Microsoft says a "special limited-quantity pre-order" will kick off at 9am tomorrow PDT -- that's 5pm in UK time, though the pre-order button appears to be live already, and directing to an empty page.

What do you think of Surface's pricing? Will this 10.6-inch tablet sell like hot cakes, or languish on shop shelves? Stick your predictions in the comments or on our Facebook wall.