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Microsoft Surface RT now AU$389

People purchasing the 32GB Surface RT will now save AU$170 on the original RRP.

When it first launched in Australia, the 32GB Surface RT was AU$559, with the touch cover an additional AU$140.

With the new pricing, Microsoft presumably hopes to turn Surface RT sales around. (Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Microsoft has recently dropped this price significantly. The basic 32GB Surface RT is now AU$389, or AU$499 with the touch cover.

The 64GB model will set you back AU$499 by itself, or AU$609 with the cover.

The price drop is reflected in overseas markets, as well: in the US, the 32GB RT is now US$350, while it's down to £280 in the UK, from an initial cost of £400.

The price drop suggests that Microsoft might be finding sales of the Surface RT tablet a little more sluggish than hoped for.

According to IDC, Microsoft shipped just 900,000 Surface tablets in Q1 2013, with a majority of those being the Surface Pro.

Microsoft has remained cagey on Surface sales figures, but some estimates suggest that total sales of the RT might be as low as 1 million. In terms of market share for the Windows RT operating system, IDC put the figure at 0.4 percent for Q1 2013.