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Microsoft Surface prices and the next Nexus in Podcast 310

Podcast time! All the week's tech news, plus a future full of cameras and why UK phone networks should all be destroyed.

Jessie J might moan to the contrary, but for Microsoft's Surface tablet it's all about the price tag. On this week's show we figure out whether the iPad-troubling tablet is too expensive, and discuss Google's plans for its next Nexus -- rumoured to be built by LG.

That's all in the week's top tech news, delivered by your favourite podcasting team. We'll also be yammering about an astonishing feat of Lego construction that has everyone impressed. Well, everyone except Jason.

This week you'll hear Luke explaining why the future is going to feature constant recording in our look-to-the-future feature. With gadgets like the new 4K GoPro making attachable cameras smaller and more powerful, how long until we spend the whole day with cameras taped to ourselves? Not long. Maybe.

The future may be full of glossy video footage, but the present is a dingy hive of scum and villainy, thanks to the backwards-thinking, money grubbing phone networks that blight our fair nation. Jason's not happy about the way operators have been behaving, so he's moving the lot of 'em to trash.

After that, we'll be hearing from you fine folk in our feedback section. This week you've been asking about generous data tariffs becoming a thing of the past, the potential death of single-use devices like ebook readers and whether sweet or salted popcorn is more delicious.

Finally we turn to the one member of the team that talks any sense, our bleeping pal Otamatone, who's reviewing the Sony Vaio Duo 11.

How's the tech world been treating you this week? Anything you'd like us to discuss on the show? Drop us a note in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall.

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