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Microsoft Surface gets UK October release and more prices

Microsoft's Surface tablet will be shipping to Brits on 26 October, the same day as in the States.

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Microsoft's Windows 8-powered Surface tablet will be landing on British doorstops this very month -- the same time as our friends in the US get their mitts on the anticipated device.

We waited months with no UK-specific news, then yesterday we finally received confirmation that Surface would be sailing to our windy autumnal land, as well as a starting price of £399.

Yes, it was an exciting afternoon. Now a British pre-order site for Microsoft's rectangular rascal has revealed Surface units will ship by 26 October. That's next Friday, and is also the same day Windows 8 is released. Microsoft says Surface tablets will arrive by 30 October.

We also know more prices for the higher-capacity devices. £399 gets you the 32GB option without the touch-sensitive keyboard cover, while £479 gets you a 32GB Surface with the keyboard cover. To get the higher-capacity 64GB option you'll be splashing out £559, though that does get you the attachable cover too.

If you want to own the Surface Type Cover, which is another keyboard cover but one that features chunkier physical keys, you'll be spending £109 for the privilege.

This version of the Surface is powered by Windows RT, which limits you to installing programs from the Microsoft Marketplace. The Surface Pro has the full-fat version of Windows 8 and will let you install whatever you like, but that probably won't be out for a while yet.

The Surface is likely to face extra competition from the rumoured iPad mini, which we'll probably see revealed at Apple's event on 23 October.

Will you buy Microsoft's mechanical marvel? Are you keen on Windows 8? Or is there another slate-shaped gadget you'd like to have in your life? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.