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Microsoft Surface 2 due today with Full HD, but still RT

Microsoft is set to take the wraps off a new generation of Windows-powered Surface tablets today -- the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft is set to take the wraps off a new generation of Windows-powered Surface tablets today -- and it'll be desperately hoping they're more of a hit this time round. The new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 devices have been heavily leaked ahead of the New York event, so let's have a butcher's at what to expect.

The software behemoth is plodding on with its disastrous Windows RT software, according to our sister site ZDNet, with the Surface 2 running the updated Windows 8.1 RT. The first Surface, you may remember, was so hobbled by RT's inability to run normal Windows software that Microsoft lost a ludicrous $900m on it.

Nevertheless, it seems to have fixed one of our other major gripes: the low-res screen. The Surface 2 is putting its best face on, with the same Full HD screen that graced the Surface Pro. Otherwise it'll look the same as the original Surface, pictured above. It'll reportedly run on a powerful Nvidia Tegra 4 chip, the silicon that's in Nvidia's new own-brand Tegra Note Android gaming tablet.

There's a Surface Pro 2 as well, reports, running full Windows 8.1 on the latest Intel Core i5 Haswell chips, and with twin front- and rear-facing 720p cameras. Haswell's battery-saving prowess has pushed its expected lifespan to a more workable 7 hours, according to Supersite for Windows.

New peripherals are expected to pop up today too, with a dock for the Pro and Pro 2 to increase your USB options, and a more heavy-duty keyboard called the Surface Power Cover. Fingers crossed for a glove too.

All the new Windows 8.1 kit is due to go on sale on 22 October, a few days after the software update launches. Prices are set to be high: the Surface RT will stay on sale at its current price, £279, while the Surface 2 will be more expensive, starting at $500 (around £310, but with VAT probably closer to £375) without a cover. The Surface Pro 2 will start at a hefty $900 (£560) for the 64GB version.

Have you been waiting for a more capable Windows tablet? How much would you shell out for one? Tap me up in the comments below, or on our charming Facebook page.