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Microsoft sued

The Justice Department and 20 state attorneys general file antitrust lawsuits against Microsoft after the weekend collapse of last-minute negotiations.

Special coverage May 18, 1998
5 p.m. PT
Special coverage:

Lawsuits by the Justice Department and 20 state attorneys general draw global reaction.

Microsoft sued First shots follow suits
lead story Microsoft and regulators lash out at each other as the action is filed.

Microsoft trial date: Sept. 8
update A federal judge combines two lawsuits and sets a trial date.

Suits could take years
The antitrust actions now enter a tedious process that could take years to complete.

Internal memos cited
update The federal case centers on alleged quotes by Microsoft and PC executives.

Beyond the browser
Other software, such as Windows NT and Microsoft Office, could be vulnerable.

Objection from Redmond
Bill Gates says the lawsuits will hurt consumers, the industry, and the economy.

Windows 98 released
update After a brief delay, Microsoft ships the new Windows to PC makers.

Industry split on lawsuits
Reaction to parallel antitrust lawsuits filed against Microsoft has been swift on both sides.

Text of DOJ's action
The full text of the complaint filed by the Justice Department against Microsoft.

Text of state suit
The full text of the lawsuit filed by the 20 states and the District of Columbia.

See special coverage:
Windows NT next for DOJ?Microsoft's NT has evaded scrutiny, but that could change as new features are added to the server software.

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Joel Klein, U.S. assistant attorney general


William Neukom, Microsoft senior VP