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Microsoft stops selling Windows 3.x

Microsoft on November 1 stopped licensing Windows 3.x.

You will be missed.

My friends often show concern about being obsolete when I tell them to stay with Windows XP and skip Windows Vista entirely. Little do they know, a lot of people are still actually using Windows 3.x. And for those, I have some bad news.

According to BBC, Microsoft finally decided to stop selling licenses of Windows 3.x, starting this month.

The third major release of Windows first came out in May 1990 with a few minor releases in the early 1990s. It was Microsoft's first big success with operating systems that have graphical user interfaces.

Windows 3.x is actually just a software application that runs in MS-DOS environment. However, thanks to its rich graphics and the ability to multitask, it completely changed the way people interact with computers.

Microsoft stopped its support for Windows 3.x at the end of 2001 but left it as an embedded operating system until now.

I personally have a lot of good memories of Windows 3.11 on my 386 computer and really enjoyed its ability to display 256 colors on a 1,024x768 screen resolution.

While this is rather sad news, considering that it is a 16-bit operating system that can address just a little more than 640KB of RAM and is definitely not secure enough for the Internet, it's probably time for you to upgrade.