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Microsoft (still) taking on the iPod

Given the subject matter of Reuter's story Friday about Microsoft's alleged development an iPod and iTunes rivals, it's no surprise that it got bloggers typing away. Some welcomed the competition to the Apple-dominated marketplace. Others quipped about the .


Others, still, said I told you so, noting that evidence can be found in Windows Media Player 11's music and video capabilities, and in Microsoft's recent partnering with MTV.

The story, which cites unnamed sources, says Microsoft has held licensing discussions with the music industry and is already demonstrating the "entertainment device." The project is being led Xbox developer Robbie Bach, the story says.

Blog community response:

"Now, the question that raises in our minds is; is this iPod-Killer a music-video player or could it be the rumored Xbox handheld that Dean Takahashi, the author of Opening the Xbox and The Xbox 360 Uncloaked books, claims will 'compete with Sony, Nintendo and Apple Computer's products, including the iPod'? Time will tell."

"The sources say it's really cool, so we can only assume those sources are most certainly from within Microsoft. Beyond that little bit of snark, I'll withhold judgment. I'm certainly ready to hear about a legitimate alternative to the OTHER empire."
--Alpha, the CNET blog

"Whether Microsoft under its new leadership can match the performance of its halcyon years under Gates going forward into a new era of consumer computing remains to be seen...An Ozzie versus Jobs match-up should be interesting to watch. Some may speculate that Ozzie is punching above his weight and that Microsoft needs a Gates to drive the company's direction, just as Apple needed Jobs to get it back on track. "

"The significant part of the rumor is Microsoft planning to do it all themselves like Apple, instead of yet again taking the failed route of 'enabling partners' with hardware specs and software."

"It's about time. I have two iPods, both received as gifts. The iPod is a fine product, well integrated with iTunes--but Apple is overdue for some real competition, and Sony is not up to the challenge."
--'Just_some_guy' on CNET's Talkback