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Microsoft still struggling with Hotmail issues

The software maker has reduced the number of people unable to log in to their Windows Live accounts, but says the problem has not yet been resolved.

Microsoft said Tuesday afternoon that it has reduced the number of people unable to access their Windows Live accounts, but said that some people are still not able to log in.

Since early in the day, a significant number of users of Hotmail and other Windows Live services have been unable to access their information.

"We have made significant progress in decreasing the number of customers currently affected since initial reports, but the issue has not yet been completely resolved," Windows Live product manager Samantha McManus said in a statement. "Microsoft is working quickly and aggressively to resolve the issue and expects to restore normal operation to all customers shortly."

Microsoft said that those who were logged in before the problem cropped up should not experience any problems, but said it is still seeing problems for some users worldwide who are trying to log in to their accounts.

"Our customers have come to expect a high level of service reliability in their experience with Windows Live, and we apologize for any inconvenience this particular issue has caused consumers," McManus said.