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Microsoft still moving in slo-mo on Yahoo

The software maker's board is said to be meeting Wednesday, but so far no word on what they've decided.

I'm clicking reload, so you don't have to.

After spending the better part of the afternoon trolling every known tech and business Web site, I can tell you that Microsoft is really, certainly, without a doubt going to do something at some point, unless it decides not to.

Microsoft's board is reportedly meeting Wednesday to come up with the next move in its now 3-month-old effort to buy Yahoo. The company is said to be considering upping its bid to $32 or $33 a share, unless of course it just pulls the offer. (Microsoft made its offer on February 1, offering $31 in stock and cash for Yahoo, though the price has fallen since due to a drop in Microsoft shares.) Then again, it may just nominate its own slate of directors without putting forth a new offer.

Essentially, the software giant still has the same options it had last week.

But it sure is taking its sweet time.

That said, feel free to do other things. Just check back here every so often. I'll be hitting reload until quitting time (and annoying my sources every half hour or so).