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Microsoft sprachens about holiday-slated gaming accessories at Leipzig

Microsoft sprachens about holiday-slated gaming accessories at Leipzig

Coinciding with the company's press conference at Leipzig, Germany's Game Conference (the first contender for E3's recently vacated game convention crown), Microsoft revealed the release plans for its slate of Xbox 360 and 360-themed PC accessories.

First to release will be the Xbox Live Vision camera. Available on September 19, the accessory will come in two configurations. The cheaper of the two will run $40 and include the camera, a one-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold, an Xbox 360 headset, and two Xbox Live Arcade games that support the camera--Uno and TotemBall. An $80 bundle will add in a full-year subscription to Xbox Live Gold, a third Xbox Live Arcade game (Robotron: 2084), and 200 Marketplace points. Microsoft also revealed that a few previously released Xbox Live Arcade games--card and board games, mostly--will be updated to work with the camera.

November will see two more eagerly anticipated accessories hit store shelves. The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel will be available for $150 and will include a new version of Project Gotham Racing 3 reworked to offer force-feedback support. Also out that month will be the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset. The perfect companion to the system's wireless controller will be available for $60.

Finally, in December, a $20 receiver will be available to connect your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to your PC. Wait--just the receiver? Shouldn't Microsoft be bundling something else with it that folks already have? By my own count, if I buy everything listed here but the more-expensive camera bundle, I'll have three headsets as well as two copies each of Uno and Project Gotham Racing 3. Keep your eyes peeled for reviews of these products--extraneous items and all--when they drop throughout the holiday season.

Source: GameSpot

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