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Microsoft speeds MSN access via ISDN

Microsoft Network will offer a dual-channel high-speed ISDN connection to the Internet.

Microsoft is attempting to snare a larger chunk of the Internet access market by launching high-speed connections to the Internet via its Microsoft Network online service.

The company has launched dual-channel ISDN access to MSN that provides speeds of up to four times that of standard 28.8-kbps modem connections, Microsoft said. Dual-channel access allows data to flow simultaneously in both directions between client and server systems, greatly improving connection.

Microsoft offers three subscription plans that include ISDN access. The Standard Plan offers 90 minutes for $4.95, plus $5 for each additional hour. A frequent user plan allows 10 hours of access for $19.95 per month, with each additional hour costing $4. An Annual Plan is priced at $49.95 per year and allows 90 minutes of access a month, with additional hours priced at $5. Single-channel ISDN access is available at lower rates.