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Microsoft Sidewinder strikes again

Microsoft introduces the Sidewinder gaming mouse.

The last reference to a Microsoft Sidewinder product on CNET was back on an old must-have games roundup from 2002, where we pointed to a Sidewinder steering wheel. Microsoft seemed to have let its gaming hardware brand die since then; that is, until today's announcement of the Sidewinder Mouse. Available in October for $80, the new Sidewinder comes with the usual laundry list of features we demand in our high-end gaming mice these days, including a few we haven't seen before.

The Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse includes more features than any gaming mouse to date. Some even look useful. Microsoft

Naturally, the Sidewinder is a laser mouse, with a customizable sensor that tops out at 2,000dpi. It includes buttons on the mouse itself for swapping between sensitivity settings, as well as a weight kit, for those with the touch of a safecracker who demand mousing perfection.

None of those features are new in general, as Logitech has had them in its G5 Laser mouse for a while. What's new is a built-in LCD that tells you what dpi setting you're currently in, as well as the fact that the weight-carrying case doubles as a cable guide. Also, Microsoft includes two additional sets of "feet" aka different varieties of Teflon pads, for the underside of the Sidewinder, allowing you to customize the glide.

The LCD and cable guide feel a little superfluous, but we can imagine a finicky gamer playing around with the different feet. Hopefully we'll find out for ourselves soon.

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