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Microsoft shows Alexa and Cortana working in smart harmony

It's still in beta, but Microsoft's progress-report demo of its integration of Alexa with Cortana at Build 2018 looks like it's coming along pretty well.

The ability for Microsoft's Cortana assistant to drive Amazon's Alexa and vice versa was promised to Windows users by last December, but it's taken a little longer than anticipated. While it's been in development the whole time and remains so, Microsoft gave us a sneak peak on how the effort is coming.

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The two seem a good match: Cortana, with its Bing-driven search technology and Alexa, with its Amazon shopping prowess and a broad base of hardware and software, could be ideal for the voice-commander crowd.

There seemed to be some awkward hesitations in their conversation during the demo, but you can definitely see where it's headed.

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