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Microsoft ships Virtual PC 7

The emulation software works with Apple computers that use the G5 processor.

Microsoft on Tuesday said it started shipping Virtual PC for Mac version 7, the first version of the emulation software that works with Apple Computer machines that use the G5 processor. Virtual PC, which Microsoft acquired when it bought the assets of Connectix in early 2003, is software that emulates a Pentium-class processor, allowing Macintoshes to run the Windows operating system and PC programs.

The program was originally expected in the first half of this year, but was delayed for further testing. Microsoft has started shipping the $249 English-language edition of Virtual PC that comes bundled with Windows XP Professional. The company plans to ship "over the next few months" the versions of Virtual PC that come with Windows XP Home, Windows 2000, as well as foreign-language versions and the standalone and upgrade versions of Virtual PC that do not include a copy of Windows.