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Microsoft serving up Digg's ads now, promises no dancing monkeys

Digg and Microsoft are ad buddies now. Google no longer serves up ads on Digg.

Digg seems to have outgrown Google as its ad provider, as today marks the start of a new three-year deal with Microsoft to serve up ads on the popular social news service. Microsoft is replacing Google for serving up many of the ads you see on Digg's pages. The rest are provided by Federated Media, which also works with Digg to create special branded pages like the newly-updated Arc visualization in Digg labs.

Digg is claiming the move is about scalability, and positive reviews from Facebook who also uses Microsoft for their contextual advertising. What does this mean for you, the end user? According to Kevin Rose's post on the Digg blog, there will be " dancing monkey ads, and the design will remain uncluttered." Whew.

Elinor Mills over at CNET has the full story.