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Microsoft sells 2 million Xbox One consoles in 18 days

The next-generation console has sold an average of 111,111 units per day since launch.

Microsoft's Xbox One has come out of the gates at a gallop, selling 2 million units in just 18 days after launch.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

According to Microsoft, major retailers around the world are selling out of the console, with the company struggling to meet consumer demand. The 2 million unit sales figure equates to an average of 111,111 consoles sold per day since launch.

Some of the other figures from Microsoft regarding the Xbox One include:

  • 83 million hours of gameplay clocked up

  • Over 1 million paid transactions (both games and videos)

  • 39 million achievements unlocked, resulting in:

  • 595 million total Gamerscore points awarded.

According to Sony it has sold "more than" 2.1 million units of the PlayStation 4 since launch. The PS4 had a more staggered launch timetable than the Xbox One, launching a week earlier in the US but a week later in some territories, including Australia.