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Microsoft seeks open-source community manager

It's somewhat of an exercise in futility until the software giant figures out its patent story, but perhaps this position can help the company do just that.

Microsoft has announced that it's hiring an open-source community manager, declaring that "Microsoft is committed to the long-term growth of open source." Microsoft seems to be more committed to a certain type of open-source growth than general open-source growth, but let's not quibble.

I like it. It's classically Microsoft: push forward with limited hand-wringing about the past. Give it credit for being gutsy.

As we continue to grow our investments around open source, we're looking to add a new Community Manager to our team. This position will be part of the Platform Community team and will be responsible for growing Microsoft and open source communities together. More specifically, this individual will be a core contributor to our long-term open source strategy & how we increase the potential of all developers, everywhere.

Is this position an exercise in masochism? Perhaps, but I also believe that it's likely sincere. Microsoft does need to figure out open source and certain groups within the company have demonstrated integrity in doing just that. I do think it's somewhat of an exercise in futility until Microsoft figures out its patent story, but perhaps this position can help Microsoft to do just that.

I wish that it were Ballmer's core team advertising for the position, as that would be a clearer signal of Microsoft's intent, but I'll take what I can get.