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Microsoft says it decimated Waledac botnet

The company has said that thousands of bots are no longer receiving commands and attributed it to earlier legal action.

Microsoft has said that its legal action against Waledac domains has "decimated" the eponymous botnet.

Microsoft on Monday said that research indicated that commands to Waledac zombies had ceased, following the granting of a temporary restraining order that cut off over 270 domains suspected of channeling command and control instructions. The legal action and associated operations were code-named Operation b49.

"Early data from Microsoft and other researchers indicate that our actions have effectively decimated communications within the Waledac bot network," said Jeff Williams, director of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, in a blog post on Monday. "That's good news because it indicates that Operation b49 effectively severed between 70,000 and 90,000 computers from this botnet."

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