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Microsoft says 'D' language better than 'C' variants

Microsoft is working on a declarative programming language meant for end users, rather than developers, ZDNet reports.

Microsoft is working on a new development language, called 'D,' which will make it easier to model applications, Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet reports.

Her post describes D as a "declarative language aimed at non-developers."

Modeling and end-user programming are big themes in Microsoft's development tools work.

By creating models of applications, developers can speed up their development time and make it easier to deploy and operate those applications once they are live.

End-user programming, a long-held idea, is getting more realistic in the days of mashups where people combine data from different Web feeds onto a single Web page.

Last year, Microsoft's developer group released Popfly which is a mash-up builder. It's a visual application creation tool, but it's also meant to introduce basic concepts of programming.