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Microsoft's Project Scorpio is coming to E3 on June 11

Invites are out for Microsoft's press event at the massive video game trade show, where we hope to get all the details on its newest console.


We've already gotten a sneak peek at what's under the hood of Project Scorpio, Microsoft's code name for its next living room game console, thanks to a recent release of spec and hardware info.

The final product, first teased last year, is now expected to be shown off at the annual E3 video game industry trade show, according to press invites sent out by Microsoft. The company's E3 2017 press briefing is scheduled for June 11, at 2 p.m. PT, at its usual home at the Galen Center on USC's Los Angeles campus.

Exactly what information will be announced is unclear, but it should hopefully include the system's final specs, physical appearance, price, release date and official name.

For more on Project Scorpio, our latest rounds up news and speculation is here.