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Tech Industry

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 2.0

Microsoft has unveiled a new version of its Internet Explorer program that promotes the use of Microsoft products.

With the new program, Microsoft is aiming to loosen Netscape's firm hold on the browsing software market by offering multimedia and 3D graphics capabilities.

Internet Explorer 2.0 also supports current Internet security standards including secure sockets layer and RSA encryption. New features include inline AVIs to be used for scrolling banners and background audio.

Characteristic of Microsoft's aggressive promotional stance, the new Internet Explorer 2.0 logo licensing program allows Web publishers to display the company's logo on their site along with a message that says the site works best with Internet Explorer.

In an attempt to boost popularity overseas, the browser will be available in 12 languages including Italian, Dutch, and Japanese.

Internet Explorer 2.0 can be downloaded at the Microsoft Web site. Read c/net's feature story, "battle of the browsers," for an in-depth comparison of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.