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Microsoft releases final fix for iTunes on Vista

Numerous problems had been reported involving the performance of iTunes and corrupt iPods on Vista PCs, but a fix is now available.

Microsoft believes it has solved the problems caused when Vista users tried to eject their iPods, although it said the same thing in March.

Microsoft says you can now use your iPod with Vista and avoid killing all your songs. Apple

BetaNews noticed that Microsoft issued a fix Tuesday (download here) that it says will correct an issue that could lead to corrupt data on iPods if users attempted to eject their iPods by using the "Safely Remove Hardware" or Windows Explorer features. In March, the company released a similar patch that was supposed to fix the problems, but it issued the new patch today and Microsoft's Nick White called it a "final compatibility update" on his blog.

The old patch is gone from Microsoft's site, but it was issued on March 27 (thanks, Google cache.) White said that Apple and Microsoft worked together on the final fix. Earlier this year Apple updated iTunes to make it compatible with Vista, and urged iPod users to eject their iPods only by using the "eject iPod" button inside iTunes.