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Microsoft ready to 'Mesh it up'

Taking a page from Apple's PR playbook, the company sends out a teaser invitation for an April 24 event to launch Live Mesh, but it offers no new details.

SAO PAULO, Brazil--Well, I know one thing I'll be doing once I return from Latin America.

In my in-box Saturday morning was an invite for an April 24 event in San Francisco, where Microsoft plans to offer more details on its Live Mesh service. Ray Ozzie first hinted at the project during his speech at last month's Mix event in Las Vegas.

Microsoft takes a page from Apple's playbook, sending out a teaser invitation for an April 24 event to launch Live Mesh. Microsoft

Live Mesh is expected to be a service that synchronizes data between a number of different devices. Microsoft has talked about a long-term vision in which you need to only store things once, in the cloud, and have them appear on various devices. For example, music could be licensed once and appear on multiple gadgets without having to go through the more cumbersome process of transferring it from the original source. Likewise, contacts and other data could more easily be sent down to PCs and other devices.

The invitation was short on details, reminding me more of Apple's typical strategy than Microsoft's. A big headline screams "Mesh it up with Microsoft," and it says the evening event will be invitation-only.

Additional details have come out since Ozzie's Mix presentation, however, with ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley saying a beta test version is due this month and noting that the product's general manager, Amit Mital, is due to speak at the Web 2.0 conference on April 23.