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Microsoft puts $50 million into fighting climate change with AI

The tech giant seeks to use AI to convert massive amounts of raw data about climate, water, agriculture and biodiversity into useful information.


Microsoft hopes to use artificial intelligence to help the globe.


Microsoft is looking to artificial intelligence to save the planet.

The company has announced that it's committing $50 million to fighting climate change with AI. The investment is a part of a five-year plan from Microsoft, with the hope of using data on the Earth's air, water, wildlife and land conditions to help.

To do that, the company said, robust AI is needed that can convert the massive amount of data into useful information. The AI would apply to four main areas of the environment: climate, water, agriculture and biodiversity.

"At Microsoft, we believe AI for Earth will be a force multiplier for groups and individuals like these who are creating sustainable solutions," said Brad Smith, Microsoft's chief legal officer.