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Microsoft pulls Office 2011 SP2 from AutoUpdate

Following problems with identity database corruption after installing the latest update, Microsoft has pulled the update from its automatic update service.

On April 12, Microsoft released the Service Pack 2 update for its popular Office 2011 for Mac software suite, which offered a number of improvements for the suite, including many for its Outlook e-mail client. However, following this announcement, it became apparent that a number of users were having problems with corrupted identity databases when installing the new software.

Microsoft originally tackled this problem by notifying users of the problem and offering instructions for how to correct the issue either before or after the SP2 update had been applied. However, today the company announced on its Office for Mac blog that it will be temporarily halting the distribution of the update through its AutoUpdate utility until it finds a resolution to the problem.

In the mean time, if you have installed the latest update and are experiencing problems with the identity database, then be sure to follow our instructions on how to fix the problem. If you have not installed the update, then you can either wait for Microsoft to address this issue, or be sure you follow the instructions to prepare your system before applying the update to ensure the identity database does not encounter any problems with the update.

Despite the update being pulled from its autoupdate service, Microsoft is still offering it for manual download through its Office for Mac updates site.

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