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Microsoft pulls community manager from press corps

Peter Galli of eWeek is the latest member of the media to find himself joining a company he once covered.

When eWeek's Peter Galli wrote last year about Microsoft fracturing the open-source community, who could have known that he would become the very person chosen to strengthen the software giant's role in it?

This past week, Galli accepted a job as the newest member of Microsoft's open-source team, focused on community relations. According to an internal e-mail sent out by Robert Duffner, Microsoft's senior director of Platform Strategy:

It is my great pleasure in welcoming Peter Galli who is joining Microsoft as Senior Communications Manager on the Platform Strategy team. This is a unique opportunity for the Platform Strategy team to leverage Peter's talents and experience as he plays a key role in setting strategy for our Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community marketing efforts. Peter's distinguished career as a journalist, his illustrious tenure at eWeek, his intimacy of our customer's voice, and his impactful storytelling will offer us a force multiplier in our ability to change customer and industry perceptions as we reach broader audiences.

Galli is the latest member of the media to find himself joining a company he once covered. Joe Brockmeier, former editor-in-chief of Linux Magazine, joined Novell last year as its OpenSuse community manager. I guess this means it's about time for John Markoff to leave The New York Times to head up Google's community relations. :-)

On Galli, I've found him to be fair in his past coverage of open source. Let's hope it stays that way.