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Microsoft postpones Windows hardware conference

The annual Windows hardware conference, a spring tradition, will be held in the fall next year, at a West Coast site to be determined.

Windows hardware makers will get an extra week next spring to work on their products. Microsoft said Thursday that it is shifting the timing of its WinHEC conference--practically a spring ritual--to the fall.

The conference will be held next year at a West Coast location, but Microsoft didn't say which one. (Can Hawaii please be considered West Coast?)

"We rescheduled WinHEC for the fall in response to industry feedback," Microsoft said in an e-mail. The company promised that the event will offer "Microsoft vision for Windows and the future of PC computing" along with the usual sorts of industry initiatives and in-depth discussions of how best to incorporate Windows into PCs and other devices.

This leaves open the question of whether Microsoft will have a separate Professional Developer Conference. It canceled this year's event, which was to have taken place last month in Los Angeles.