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Microsoft plans October developer conference

After canceling this year's Professional Developer Conference, Microsoft is planning to hold its Professional Developer Conference next fall in Los Angeles.

Microsoft has a busy conference schedule for next fall.

The company, which canceled this year's Professional Developer Conference, confirmed that it does plan to hold the event next year, October 27 through 30, in Los Angeles.

Microsoft also plans to hold its WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) at some point in the fall at a West Coast location still to be determined. Microsoft said those details still haven't been worked out, but a company representative said the two events are not planned to run concurrently.

Perhaps having both events in the fall means that Microsoft will be ready to talk Windows 7, the successor to Vista. However, Microsoft was rather vague on what to expect.

"PDC participants will have the opportunity to hear from executives about the latest platform advancements and engage in in-depth discussions around upcoming technologies and the future direction of the Microsoft platform," a Microsoft representative said in an e-mail. The company declined to give any more details.