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Microsoft plans free Xbox Live for <i>Grand Theft Auto IV</i>

Microsoft plans free Xbox Live Grand Theft Auto IV

Not only will Rockstar's DLC be available on the Xbox 360 February 17, but Microsoft will allow free access to Live Gold functionality for players of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV and the upcoming expansion The Lost and Damned.

You've got to give it to Microsoft, what better way to get people online to play a game that's almost a year old and pump them up for the next installment from Rockstar? Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game. I can see the servers taking a huge hit Feb. 17; maybe I'll see you there.

This free access expires February 22, so I suggest you get your game on soon. Wishful thinking, but what would make this sweeter is a Feb. 16 (Presidents' Day) release; ah, I'd play all day.