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Microsoft plans Brexit-fueled price hike in UK

Following in the footsteps of other tech companies, Microsoft is adjusting prices to compensate for the drop in value of the British pound.


The value of the pound will take its toll on Microsoft business customers.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

First it was OnePlus, then HTC and now Microsoft. All three tech companies are increasing prices in the UK in the wake of Brexit.

Microsoft quietly announced last week that as of January 1, it will increase the cost of its enterprise software and cloud services in the UK. This means the prices will only affect business customers, and even then, some customers may be protected from the price rises due to existing agreements. But those not lucky enough to be immune to the increases will see a 13 percent hike in the cost of enterprise software and a 22 percent rise in the cost of cloud services. This will bring prices in line with the euro.

Ever since the UK voted in June to leave the European Union, the value of the pound has taken a nosedive, which has led some electronics manufacturers to raise prices. The OnePlus 3 phone jumped from £309 to £329 in the UK. (£10 translates to about $12 or AU$16.) Then HTC raised the price of its Vive phone from £689 to £759.

The UK's decision hasn't automatically made all tech more expensive in the UK -- the Microsoft price hike isn't affecting consumers directly, But the referendum saga is far from over and the road ahead could remain bumpy for British tech fans.

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