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Microsoft patches software for Mac version

The software giant announces several changes and plans for its Virtual PC software, which lets Windows run on Apple machines.

Microsoft said Tuesday that it has released a patch for its Virtual PC 7 emulation program to correct a problem that affected some Mac G5 customers with systems with more than 2GB of memory. Virtual PC allows Macs to run Windows through software emulation. The company also released an improved version of its Auto Update utility for the Mac, correcting an error that occurred in the French, Swedish and Spanish versions.

The software maker also said that it has finalized the code for several more versions of Virtual PC for the Mac, including the standalone and upgrade versions and the edition that comes with Windows 2000 professional. The company last month started shipping the version that comes with Windows XP Pro and expects the version with Windows XP Home to be finalized later this month, with all editions available by December. Microsoft is also adding Virtual PC 7 standalone to the list of products available to businesses through volume licensing.