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Microsoft pairs with Razer for gaming mouse

Microsoft pairs with Razer for gaming mouse

As Dave Rudden mentioned earlier, Microsoft introduced a bunch of XBox 360 gaming hardware at the Liepzig Games Conference. The PC also got a little gaming love in the form of two mice. The IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 is a slightly redone basic optical mouse with a gaming bend. But what's more surprising is the announcement of the the Habu, which it made in partnership with hard-core gaming-mouse maker Razer. The Habu (named for a poisonous Japanese pit viper), is basically a Razer Copperhead with a tweaked body that's a little more substantial. It has the same 2,000dpi laser sensor as the Copperhead and the same response times and customizability. Microsoft added an adjustable plate that lets you set the position of the two thumb-side buttons to your preference. The Habu will retail for $70 when it hits the streets in October.