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Microsoft Outlook wants you to take a break between all those meetings

A new feature in Outlook will let you build in breaks.

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Outlook will let you schedule breaks. 


Some days, work meetings stack up back to back to back. Now, a new feature from Microsoft will let you set automatic, customizable breaks to give you a bit of relief. 

"Wall-to-wall meetings increase stress and make it harder to stay focused and engaged. And our research shows that even just a sliver of time between these meetings can help," Microsoft said Tuesday in a blogpost.

Using the feature, you can decide the length of the breaks and whether they come at the beginning or end of your meetings. If your company enables the feature, it can set a default like starting all meetings five minutes late. 

In the post, Microsoft cited research around hybrid work. And in this era of working from home, research is showing that there's a cost to the always-on digital work world. Research from Social Science Research Network found that nearly 14% of women and 5.5% of men feel "very" to "extremely" fatigued after Zoom calls