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Microsoft Outlook makes friends with MySpace

The software maker says it is ready with a version of its Outlook Social Connector that links the e-mail program with the youth-oriented social network.

A beta version of the MySpace for Outlook connector lets users keep tabs on their social-networking buddies from within the corporate e-mail and calendar program. CNET

If you use both Outlook and MySpace, you are part of an interesting demographic. But you are also in luck.

Microsoft and MySpace said on Wednesday that they are ready with the beta version of a tool that lets Outlook users see their MySpace connections within the e-mail and calendaring program. A new "social connector" feature for Outlook lets users connect to social networks, including MySpace, LinkedIn, and soon Facebook, too.

In a blog posting, Microsoft said the connector for MySpace is now ready.

"MySpace for Outlook enables you to view activity updates for friends and colleagues in the People Pane, synchronize your MySpace contact list to your Outlook contacts, and get one-click access to profiles," Outlook program manager Michael Affronti said in the blog.

The MySpace connector works with Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010. A beta of the connector for LinkedIn was made available last month. The connector for Facebook is due sometime in the first half of this year.