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Microsoft Outlook hitting Windows RT this year, report says

Outlook, Microsoft's email and calendar software, is rumoured to be coming to Windows RT later this year.

Microsoft Outlook -- the Redmond company's email and calendar software -- is rumoured to be coming to Windows RT later this year. Win SuperSite's Paul Thurrott claims to have met two people on the Microsoft campus (though not employees of the company) using the application on their Surface with Windows RT tablets.

The software is reportedly ready to be shipped, but won't find its way into consumers' hands until the autumn. There's some bad news for anyone waiting on Office for iPad, too.

Previously, Outlook RT was rumoured to be delayed because of either a firmware bug in the ARM chipset that caused it to crash, or because it drained the device's battery. But neither person Thurrott spotted using Outlook RT knew anything about either, so it's a bit of a mystery why Microsoft is sitting on it.

The Redmond company is said to be holding onto Office for iPad for the time being too, as it doesn't want to provide Outlook for Apple customers before those using its own Surface RT tablets. Which suggests Office for iPad will include Outlook.

Office for iPad has been rumoured for some time now. Just over a year ago, Microsoft denied it was working on a version of its Office suite of applications for Apple's tablet, despite the fact it was spotted running on the iPad.

It would make sense to hold fire on Office for iPad until Outlook is ready for Windows RT tablets. If I'd bought the Surface Pro, and my iPad-toting chums were given a Microsoft program before me, well I'd put my foot through the Surface Pro and send Microsoft the bill.

Have you been hankering for Outlook for your Windows RT tablet? Would you like to see Office on your iPad? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.