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Microsoft, Oracle Team Up on Net Technology

Microsoft and major competitor Oracle announced today that they are collaborating on technologies for Internet development and publishing.

Microsoft officials said the companies have agreed to cross-license technology to deliver standard scripting and programming features in their respective Net software products. Under the plan, Oracle will license Visual Basic Script from Microsoft to include in its Macintosh- and Windows-compatible Oracle PowerBrowser products; Microsoft will license PowerBrowser OCX and distribute it to third-party developers.

Visual Basic Script allows developers to create, link, and automate objects in Web pages, including OLE components and Java applets. PowerBrowser OCX allows software developers to embed Web browsers into applications for Net access.

The announcement came as part of Microsoft's Internet strategy workshop, being held today at its Redmond, Washington, headquarters. The company will be providing news and information about the workshop on its Web site, with updates throughout the day.