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Microsoft, Novell settle with BBS pirate

Microsoft and Novell have settled with the operator of the Assassins' Guild BBS. Under the agreement, the BBS proprietor will pay $70,300 in cash and forfeit $40,000 worth of computer hardware.

Officials at Microsoft and Novell have settled a software piracy suit against Scott Morris, the proprietor of the Assassins' Guild bulletin board service.

The Assassins' Guild served as headquarters for two other pirate groups: Pirates With An Attitude and Razor 1911. The case began last April when federal law enforcement officials raided Morris's home and seized 13 computers, 11 modems, a satellite dish, and about 50GB of stored data.

Under terms of the agreement, Morris will pay a $70,300 cash fine and forfeit the seized computer equipment. Both Novell and Microsoft claimed that Morris was using the equipment to make and distribute copies of their software products.

Morris is also required to assist Microsoft and Novell in continuing BBS piracy investigations under the court agreement.