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Microsoft: No iPhone reimbursements for workers

As part of its wave of cost cuts, the software maker will only reimburse workers for Windows Mobile cell phones.

Microsoft has found a powerful incentive to get people to use Windows Mobile--at least those within its own ranks.

The software maker has stopped paying for cellular data plans for those using BlackBerries, iPhones and all manner of non-Microsoft devices.

Plenty of Microsoft workers still have an iPhone, but as of earlier this year, they can no longer be reimbursed for their data plan unless they switch to a Windows Mobile-based phone. Apple

Although the move took place earlier this year, it is only making headlines now, thanks to an article on Silicon Alley Insider.

It's hardly a shocking move. Lots of companies standardize on a particular mobile operating system or two and limit reimbursements to those devices.

A Microsoft representative confirmed on Monday that "the data plan reimbursement for Microsoft employees is limited to Windows Mobile devices."

"This policy took effect as part of the broader cost saving measures announced earlier this year," the representative said in an e-mail. The software maker has trimmed its product line, cut staff, and also pulled back on spending on travel, vendors and contractors.