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Microsoft mobile-search moniker: Sift?

Future Windows Mobile phones could arrive with a search feature called "Sift," according to a recent Microsoft trademark application.

Microsoft could have a separate name in mind for new search technology on Windows Mobile phones, according to a trademark filing.

PaidContent noticed that earlier this year Microsoft filed for a trademark on "Sift," calling it "computer programs for searching e-mail, text messages, (and) address and contact information." The company is using a separate brand name, Kumo, to denote the next edition of Windows Live Search, but it might not want to have the same name used to describe local search on a phone.

This isn't likely to arrive with Windows Mobile 6.5, which Microsoft is expected to show off in greater detail in May at TechEd 2009. Rather, it's more likely that Microsoft would roll this new search feature out with Windows Mobile 7 in 2010, according to PaidContent.

It's perhaps worth pointing out, however, that a U.K. company called Sift is doing business at the domain name.