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Microsoft lines up SQL Server backers

Microsoft's SQL Server is taking center stage at Comdex as vendors line up to showcase their support for the giant's long-awaited database server.

Microsoft's SQL Server is taking center stage at Comdex this week as vendors line up to showcase their support for the Redmond, Washington-based giant's long-awaited database server.

SQL Server 7.0 is finally being introduced by Microsoft today at the Las Vegas trade show.

Among the companies riding the SQL Server publicity wave are front office application-maker Siebel Systems, development toolmaker Ontos, and enterprise application-maker Geac (formerly Dun and Bradstreet software).

For its part, Siebel is offering its new enterprise relationship management suite of software, Siebel 99, prepackaged with SQL Server 7.0. The ready-to-go system is designed to get small and medium-size companies up and running quickly on lucrative sales force, service, and marketing automation software.

Ontos sells tools for integrating component-based Internet and distributed applications with legacy system applications. The Lowell, Massachusetts-based firm is adding SQL Server 7 support to its existing product line so that users can tie the database to existing applications running in their company.

Geac is making SQL Server 7 the foundation behind its new data warehousing and business intelligence software strategy.

The Canadian enterprise application firm, which has U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, makes software for managing financials, human resources, and procurement applications. It is now adding business analysis tools, software that lets management and others analyze the data being loaded into their transactional systems to make better business decisions.

Another business analysis toolmaker, Cognos, announced today that its product NovaView is shipping. NovaView, which was code-named Aristotle, is a data analysis tool specifically designed for use with SQL Server 7.