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Microsoft learns the value of sharing

The software giant springs some surprises on Wall Street and the tech world by announcing its first-ever dividend for shareholders. Also: Windows source code revealed.

Microsoft sprang some surprises on Wall Street and the tech world this week when it announced its first-ever dividend for shareholders and said that it would reveal some of the closely guarded source code for its Windows operating system.

Although Microsoft titillated shareholders with a 2-for-1 stock split and its first-ever dividend, the stock falls in morning trading over the company's reduced 2003 projections.
January 17, 2003

The software giant sets its first-ever annual stock dividend and says it will split its stock as earnings surpass expectations.
January 16, 2003

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, CEO Steve Ballmer and other executives will rake in big gains from the company's newly instated stock dividend program.
January 16, 2003

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Microsoft will share the source code underlying its Windows operating system with several international governments, a move designed to address concerns about the security of the OS.
January 14, 2003