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Tech Industry

Microsoft launches 'Genuine' antipiracy initiative

Company to combine education, engineering, enforcement efforts to slow counterfeiting and piracy of its software.

Microsoft on Thursday launched an antipiracy initiative, seeking to combine its education, engineering and enforcement efforts to stop counterfeiting and piracy of its software. Under its Genuine Microsoft Software initiative, the software giant is trying a three-pronged program. As part of its educational efforts, Microsoft plans to work with industry partners to inform users of the potential of infecting their systems with spyware or other types of malware when downloading counterfeit software.

Microsoft also plans to warn users when their systems may be at risk, because counterfeit software does not provide the mechanism needed to get Microsoft's updates. The company also plans to continue its engineering investments in antipiracy technologies. Users, for example, are able to test the authenticity of their software via the Genuine Microsoft Software site. And Microsoft noted that it will continue to support law enforcement and government efforts to curtail counterfeiting and piracy.