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Microsoft Kin upshirt ad called 'creepy'

An ad for Microsoft's new Kin phone shows one young person taking a chest shot to send to another young person. But it's a man shooting his boob for a woman. Weird? Disturbing? Or perfectly acceptable?

I'm sure there are few people left in the world who have not, at one time or another, sent a picture of their most favorable body parts to someone they loved. Or at least coveted. Or at least knew. I am, therefore, moved to photograph the frothing in my brain caused by the controversy surrounding a video for Microsoft's new Kin phones aimed at young social-networking hipsters.

The film appears at, a Microsoft promotional site that tells you the Kin is "impulsive" and that "the more you share, the more you get." To me, these seem like excellent philosophical pointers for the youth of today.

However, this film has caused a little disturbance in certain quarters. You see, it appears to show a man sticking his Kin up his shirt and photographing his taut little man boob for the purpose of sending it to a rather fetching lady. (It's a little difficult to see, but there are stills of the action, for example, here.)

This upshirt action has driven the folks at Consumer Reports to suggest that this ad is "creepy." Worse than creepy, they feel, as it might encourage sexting. "What do you think?" Consumer Reports asks. "Is this harmless promotion of a phone built for social networking or something more disturbing?"

I am, naturally, conscious that if this film showed a woman sticking her Kin up her shirt to impress a man, there might be an even greater outcry that would lead to considerable fame for the actress involved. However, the deeply human truth is that sexting needs no encouragement at all. Kids will do it because, as the saying goes, they have the technology.

But more than that, this film is surely a great homage to the potential power of the male chest. If it were, indeed, proven that the next big courting ritual was for men to send women pictures of their pecs, surely this would be one artistic step up from the neanderthal methods currently employed by most members of the male species.